Rhythm Bones + Rhythm Beans

Rhythm Bones are an ancient percussion instrument, that is commonly made from animal bones or various woods. They are often played in Traditional Folk Music, including Irish, Appalachian Mountain, Bluegrass, and Country Blues.

Black River Coffee is fresh roasted gourmet ultra smooth micro batch. Watch the video to see a glimpse into the process of small batch roasting and rattlin’ them bones. Music by Sláinte.

The Sound of Rhythm Bones

For new bones players, it can be overwhelming to try to choose the right set of rhythm bones. This video compares various sets of bones made from cow rib and shin, to various types of woods. It will help you discover the specific sound you’re after.

Tuning Your Rhythm Bones

This is a follow-up to “The Sound of Rhythm Bones”, which explores the various tones that a pair of bones can make. It’s intended to help you further refine the specific sound you want.

Complimentary Rhythms

In this video (4) complimentary rhythms are played using different sets of rhythm bones, synchronized to a tune.

Session Recordings

I had a wonderful experience recording rhythm bones for
Jon Harrington of east coast Celtic Rock Band, Sláinte. We collaborated on an original tune, called “The Musical Priest”.

Asheville Musician & Busker, Lyle Rickards was kind enough
to let me record bones for a non-album version of his song “Waterbound” from Come Down Where We Oughta Be.

About Michael Baxter

For me, it’s all about God, family, and friends. I’m a member of The Rhythm Bones Society and Phoenix Old Time Music Society, who I play with regularly.

Contact Info

If you want to talk about coffee roasting or rhythm bones, give me a call. I’m usually up for a live jam a session or recording.

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