Fresh Roasted Gourmet Ultra Smooth Micro Batch

On Demand Micro Batch Roasting

Whether you prefer espresso, pourover, French press, or drip coffee, freshness is the foundation of a good cup. We roast on demand in micro batches, then air seal each bag as soon as the beans cool ensuring freshness.

We recommend storing fresh beans in an airtight glass jar to preserve the flavor as long as possible. For the best quality, buy whole bean coffee and grind just before brewing using a high-quality burr grinder.

Offering Select Central & South American Coffees

There are many regions of coffee in the world, each with its own unique flavor. Central and South American coffee beans have a wonderful flavor, with chocolatey nutty tones, and moderate brightness. They blend well together.

Ultra Smooth & Never Bitter

We roast our beans medium to medium dark, to capture a smooth flavor. The nuance of flavors in a coffee bean are typically found throughout the medium roast level.

If you want a specific roast level, add a note in “special instructions” during checkout.

Black River Gold Mine

Central + South American Blend

This is our in-house espresso and our most popular offering. It’s a blend of three beans, roasted together to achieve a broad spectrum of flavor. It’s is also wonderful for drip, pour over, French press, and any other brew method.


Black River Canyon

Single Origin Brazilian

Roasted to a medium level this coffee has a mild and nutty flavor. Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee beans in the world, yet most people are less familiar with their flavor, than Colombian coffee.


Black River Caballero

Single Origin Mexican

Mexican coffee offers a sweet flavor with mild chocolatey tones, and a touch of brightness. Although not widely known, these beans have a wonderful flavor that rivals Brazilian and Colombian coffee.  


Black River Ranger

Single Origin Colombian

Colombian beans are synonymous with coffee. The flavor is everything you’d expect in a good cup of Joe, without straying too far from familiar territory.


Down at the Black River Coffee Barn

Our coffee journey started out as a hobby and turned into a passion for roasting and blending. Our friends enjoyed our coffee so much, they kept coming back for more.

We roast out of a rustic barn, so your coffee is infused with the spirit of the Old West. It will give you the speed of Wild Bill Hickok and the resolve of Wyatt Earp. Actually, you’ll shake like a leaf but it will be worth every sip.

Thanks for stopping by,

Mike Baxter | Founder & Roaster | Black River Coffee

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